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Your communication with customers and potential customers is key to your success. Communicating with proper metrics and tracking for your sales pipeline is imperative. We work with you and your sales team to develop a strategy to generate quality leads that drive revenue.

Defining a strategy and following a plan for email communication leads to success. Your database of contacts is your most valuable sales investment. The success of an integrated marketing campaign is driven by emails that communicate with potential customers and drive them to your sales funnel.


We take all of your lists and integrate them into a single qualified source where we can track all communications for ROI.

Full Service Email Management

We use a best in class email service to design, develop, send and track communications. We constantly monitor performance and adjust processes as needed to maximize results.

Continuous Improvement

Working with you and using feedback from your sales team, we are constantly improving email marketing efforts to ensure that your sales funnel is performing at its best.

New List Acquisition

We work with you to define specific needs and solutions to acquire new potential customers and welcome them. A qualified lead has more potential than a blind lead and SSMCommunications has the experience to turn qualified leads into successful closes.


It’s all about connections… We’d love to work with you and can’t wait to hear about your next project! Send us a note and we’ll be in touch soon.