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Fast, Reliable & Secure Hosting Powered by WP Engine

WP Engine is the best WordPress host for your site.

Technology. Expertise. Innovation.

WordPress hosting that’s fast, reliable, secure and expertly maintained.

We partner with the world’s premier WordPress Digital Experience Platform, WP Engine, to build fast, reliable, secure sites.

Hosted on the fastest WordPress platform and optimized for performance, your site will take less time to load leading to a better customer experience, lower bounce rates and higher conversions.

About WP Engine.

WP Engine is the world’s leading WordPress digital experience platform that gives businesses the agility, performance, intelligence, and integrations they need to drive their business forward faster.

WP Engine’s combination of tech innovation and an award-winning team of WordPress experts is trusted by over 60,000 companies across over 140 countries to provide counsel and support helping brands create world-class digital experiences.


Designed to protect your site with multiple powerful firewalls that keep threats at bay. Proactive malware detection and eradication.


Built to deliver blazing fast page loads with a global, fully-managed CDN and Evercache, a proprietary caching technology.


WordPress Core updates and security patching are taken care of to mitigate vulnerabilities and keep your site safe.


Your site is backed up daily using automated, redundant systems.


Your site install includes a free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate.

Why Do I Need A Maintenance Plan?

Unfortunately, there are hackers and malicious programs constantly looking for ways to exploit security vulnerabilities on servers and websites in order to insert malware and viruses, and gain access to protected information. Keeping your site up to date with the latest WordPress updates and security patches is your best defense. Managed hosting maintenance will give you the peace of mind knowing that your site is running on a secure platform, so you can focus on growing your business.

Why we partner with WP Engine.

Whatever your digital needs are, we have established the right set of partners to deliver exceptional results.
For WordPress-powered experiences, WP Engine is that partner. Working closely with their team, we have created the right experience for you as our valued client.


Our partnership with WP Engine lets us spend valuable time on creative experiences instead of building technical resources.


Thanks to WP Engine’s integrations, we leverage global data centers and cloud coverage for fast-loading sites delivered to visitors around the world.


Technical onboarding and launch readiness assessments get sites as perfect as possible before launch.


Ready to take advantage of the speed, reliability and security of partnering with SSMCommunications and WP Engine for your managed WordPress hosting needs? Let’s do this!